How to Make Sure Your Eyes Can Deal With Your Online Habits

Around 30 years ago, few people knew what to make of a computer. It was an alien concept to many and was typically only to be found in a more sophisticated environment, research facility or government office. Fast forward to today, and these machines are everywhere and not only on top of a desk or a lap but firmly ensconced in almost everyone's pocket.

Just think how much of an evolution this has been for the human being, who is now used to looking at a digital screen for sometimes hours every single day. Why is it even more important than ever to schedule a visit to an optometrist in this new "digital age?"

Taking the Strain

Eyesight experts have coined a new phrase in the past few decades and will now be on the lookout for digital eye strain. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of this condition could be, but it can certainly present a number of symptoms, ranging from headaches to blurred vision, to dry or tired eyes.


The human eye is certainly used to focusing and does so automatically with great success, but the image on the typical screen is far less defined than anything more conventional. The eye does have an issue dealing with all those tiny pixels and, experts believe, can contribute to this type of strain.

Specific Prescriptions

As people get older, their eyesight can tend to change considerably, and most people will need some type of prescription glasses eventually. In the past, these would have been issued for reading, or activities which take place at less than arm's length away. Yet the average computer monitor is a little further away than that, and if you have a desk job, you may need glasses that are specially prescribed as a consequence.

Adjusting Your Environment

Try to ensure that you work in optimal conditions if you spend a lot of time online. Take care to set up your environment properly and don't position a screen in front of a bright window, as this will make it even more difficult for your eyes to focus. You may be able to take advantage of new software programs that can adjust the spectrum of your computer and will automatically cut down the amount of potentially harmful blue light when it gets dark.

What to Do Next

If you're concerned about your prescription or think you may be suffering from digital eyestrain yourself, ask the experts to help you fix matters. For more information, contact a company like EyeSelect.

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