Why Is Sports Physiotherapy Important?

A sports physiotherapist is a great asset to any coach and the players. He or she applies treatment through physical means, for example, the application of electrical, mechanical, thermal, manual and hydraulic therapeutic exercises using special techniques. Sports injuries usually occur most of the time, and the presence of a sports physiotherapist will prove to be beneficial. Not only do they handle injuries, but they also try to prevent them. Note some of the major contributions a sports physiotherapist can add to your team.

Prevention of Injury and Research

To prevent injuries, sports physiotherapists are trained to identify factors that lead to injuries and counter them with preventative measures. These preventative measures include pre-match activities, training and conditioning. What does this mean? The sports physiotherapists will bring in dynamics to the warming up exercises and stretches that will enhance muscle activation. He or she can also aid in pre-match strapping. This helps reduce the chances of injuries.

Research is still taking place to identify more techniques or ways to prevent injury, and it is the duty of the physiotherapist to be up to date with the latest methods. This will give the players or athletes he or she is liable to the best services available to keep them fit and healthy.

Recovery After Treatment

After injuries, players or athletes get stressed and can't wait to get back to their sport. Some may indulge in unorthodox means of quick healing, which may have adverse side effects. This is why a sports physiotherapist is needed. He or she is experienced enough to recommend or conduct therapies that will accelerate healing the right way, to help the athlete regain his or her functionality quickly.

Recovery is a crucial process, and the physiotherapist is highly skilled to understand the athlete's emotional and physical state. He or she will keep the athlete motivated and strong-willed during the entire recovery process.


Rehabilitation comes after recovery and it's mainly aimed at helping the athlete or player regain full muscle mobility and strength. After recovery, the athlete may not be fully strong to play as before, and that is why rehabilitation is important. The physiotherapist's techniques will have the best interest of the athlete in that they will be aimed at reinstating the athlete to his or her team with the highest expectations for success.

As you can see, sports physiotherapy adds a lot of value to a sports team and is worth investing in. 

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