What to Do Following a Sports Injury

If you play sports, it is vital that you understand what you need to do if you suffer a sports injury. Below is a guide which will ensure that you know what to do if the worst happens. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Seek Medical Help

The first thing you need to do whenever you suffer any form of injury while playing your favourite sport is to seek medical advice. While some people may recommend running off an injury by continuing to play, this could result in serious problems. Not all serious injuries are immediately obvious, so you may feel like you can continue playing even though you are hurt. If you do continue to play, it is quite possible that you will cause serious further damage to your body, which could complicate your eventual recovery. By visiting your local health clinic or hospital, you can get the injury checked out by a medical professional. The injured part of your body may be x-rayed to check for any fractures or broken bones and a full health check will help to establish the precise nature of the injury.

Visit a Sports Physio

If you are diagnosed with an injury which results in musculoskeletal damage, you may be referred to a local sports physio. A sports physiotherapist is trained in the treatment of sporting injuries. On your first visit, the sports physio will conduct an assessment of how well you can move the injured part of your body. They may then massage the area to improve blood flow to the injury and to ease any pain you are feeling. They may also give you a number of exercises, which can be carried out at home to aid your recovery. On subsequent visits, the sports physio will assess how well the injury is healing and may adjust your exercise regime.

Rest and Do Not Return to Playing Sports Too Soon

While you are recovering from your injury, it is important that you rest and resist the urge to take part in your favourite sport. If you return to playing sports too quickly, you could compromise your recovery or cause further damage to your body. Your doctor or physio will be able to recommend your return to playing sports at the appropriate time.

If you would like to find out more about recovering from a sports injury, contact your local sports physiotherapist today.

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