3 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable appliances set inside your mouth by your dentist to replace a few missing teeth. They are designed to restore normal functionality of your jaw for activities like speaking and chewing without looking too obtrusive. They also hold your mouth structure in place and prevent it from sagging because of missing teeth. But denture maintenance should not be taken lightly. Here are some ways to help you properly maintain your partial dentures.

Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Eating

Dentures are designed to allow you to eat as naturally as possible, so while it may take some getting used to, there's no reason why you cannot enjoy your favourite foods. But because these partial dentures are additions to your teeth, you will need to take immediate care to protect them from damage after eating. Brush your teeth immediately after a meal to remove all plaque and food deposits from your mouth. This will help to prevent staining and teeth problems later. You may want to use a brush especially designed for dentures. This is because it has pre-arranged bristles to suit the way dentures are shaped in your mouth. If you're using a regular toothbrush, make sure it has soft bristles to minimise potential damage.

Use Soap Directly On Your Partial Denture

Remove the denture gently from your mouth and clean it thoroughly using soap. You can either use hand washing or washing-up liquid to clean your dentures, but make sure they are mild and not too strong. Avoid using harsh cleaners or too much toothpaste because their abrasiveness can end up causing damage to your dentures. If any crack or chip occurs while cleaning, make sure you see your dentist immediately so he or she can adjust the dentures to your needs once again. Wearing poor-fitting dentures can do more harm than good to your overall oral health.

Keep The Denture Soaked Overnight

Partial dentures can lose their shape if they dry up and are not kept moist when you remove them from your mouth overnight. You can either use water or a denture soaking solution when you remove the dentures from your mouth. Soaking or cleaning solutions can be found at most chemists; however, you may want to check with your dentist about the best options to use to protect the dentures for as long as possible based on the material used.

Talk with a professional at a denture clinic if you have maintenance questions.

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