What Role Does An Obstetrician Play in High Risk Pregnancies?

Being told that your pregnancy is high risk might cause feelings of nervousness and worry. Fortunately, your obstetrician is available to help you manage your risk profile. Understanding more about the role your obstetrician could play in managing a high-risk pregnancy may help you feel at ease.

Risk Assessment

First, it's worth knowing that while you may fall into the high-risk pregnancy category, that doesn't mean the risk is incredibly high. Some categories, including maternal age and weight, can include pregnant women who are overall quite healthy. Your obstetrician will perform a thorough assessment to identify how big your risks are and manage them accordingly. You may find that you simply need to attend more scans and tests than other women. Despite this, it may still be possible to achieve the birth you want and the person leading your care is there to work with you on that.

Specialised Monitoring

One way to mitigate risks in pregnancy is through specialise monitoring. Your obstetrician can discuss the monitoring available to you, and together you'll decide if it's necessary. The type of monitoring and screening you'll need will depend on your risk profile. Some women find that they require genetic testing, extra blood tests or more foetal monitoring to track the baby's growth. Whatever type of screenings you need, it may help to ask your medical team to explain them to you. As a result, you should feel more at ease with the process and an improved understanding of what's involved can give you a greater sense of control.

Collaborating With Other Professionals

Sometimes, having a high-risk pregnancy means you need other professionals to play a role in your care. Such professionals can include physiotherapists, genetic counselors, neonatal specialists, and more. Seeing multiple professionals might sometimes feel overwhelming, even if it is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Your obstetrician acts as a focal person who can direct your overall care and act as a familiar go-to person for information and updates. Many women find that comforting.

Emergency Interventions

It's important to understand that having a high-risk pregnancy doesn't mean you're facing an emergency. However, your risk of an emergency is higher and so it helps to have an expert on hand to intervene if one arrives. Obstetricians are highly skilled in managing emergencies so that you and your baby experience the best outcome available.

Finally, your obstetric doctor is there to help you learn more about your pregnancy and what to expect. Always turn to them for advice when you need it. 

For more information, contact a local obstetrician

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