What to Expect From Your Take-Home Bleaching Treatment

Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves wearing custom-made bleaching trays filled with a bleaching agent. This process can be done in the comfort of your home. The bleaching agent has to be mild; otherwise, you will destroy your teeth with high concentrations. The trays resemble thin, transparent night guards. Your dentist should inform you how long you need to wear the trays every day and for how many days or weeks in order to achieve your desired results. For the process to be successful, you have to be committed to wearing the trays as instructed by your dentist, so don't forget them in your house or misplace them. Set a timetable or alarms to help you stay organised. If you're trying out a take-home bleaching treatment for the first time, here are some items to expect.

Possible Issues That May Arise

You may experience some mild sensitivity as you start or during the process. If you have sensitive teeth, the sensitivity you will feel during whitening may be more severe, and it may be better to have your dentist carry out or recommend desensitising procedures. You may be prescribed some sensitivity drugs. Your dentist may also reduce the number of hours you wear the bleaching tray or advise you to stop using it for a particular duration of time.

Some individuals may experience gum, lip, tongue or throat irritation. If this occurs, stop the procedure and contact your dentist. Chances are you may be required to use the bleaching trays for lesser hours or you may have an underlying condition that needs to be treated first. This is why contacting your dentist is your best solution.

It is recommended that you try not to swallow the bleaching gel during rinsing. You may not be able to avoid consuming some, but in large quantities, it can be harmful.

Expectations and Outcomes

From experience, your dentist may be in a position to inform you of the level of whiteness to expect. He or she can assess your teeth condition and maybe give you an approximation. There is no way to really tell the level of whitening.

If you have a tooth-coloured filling, do not expect it to whiten; a mismatched shade may result. Additionally, if you have had other restoration procedures done in your mouth (for example, crown veneers, inlays or dentures), you may be required to change them to match the whitening colour. Your dentist will give you proper recommendations.

You may also expect some relapse as staining can reoccur from pigments in your drinks and food. You may hear this relapse being referred to as bleaching relapse. To prevent this, your dentist may instruct you to wear the bleaching trays once every couple of months.

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