Is This Your First Pregnancy? Know What an Obstetrician Does

First-time pregnancies can bring about many questions to the expecting mother. You might be wondering what medication to take, what foods to eat, how to conduct yourself or even what to avoid. Your goal should be to keep healthy and ensure your unborn child is also healthy. It is important to visit a public or private clinic for antenatal appointments.

Antenatal appointments are visits you make to your doctor or obstetrician to check on your health and confirm that your child is growing well. You are also advised on what to eat, what medication to take and what to avoid.

Who Is an Obstetrician?

This is a specialist who provides medical services to women before and after birth. An obstetrician can also deliver babies.

What Makes an Obstetrician Different from Nurses or Other Doctors Who Can Also Deliver Babies?

Obstetricians can manage high-risk or complex pregnancies and births. They can also perform caesareans and interventions. Additionally, they can be your gynaecologist.

Most nurses and doctors on the maternity wing/floor can handle pregnancy matters. However, if you have a complication, you might need to see an obstetrician.

Should You Visit a Public or Private Hospital or an Obstetrician Clinic?

If you visit a public hospital as a public patient, you do not get the privilege of choosing an obstetrician of your liking, you get to see the one available. This does not mean that the obstetrician is less capable. The problem is that you might only get to see the obstetrician if you have a complication. Some women prefer having the obstetrician handle them always, maybe because they feel more comfortable. You might not have this privilege in a public hospital.

If you are a private patient in a public hospital, you can choose an obstetrician of your liking. You can even have an external obstetrician see you at the public hospital. If you want to be a private patient, you might be required to spend more.

Private hospitals are more expensive. You can choose the obstetrician you want and get to see him or her as much as you want even without a complication.

Some obstetricians have private practices/clinics that only handle the female reproductive system and pregnancies. The services offered in such clinics are expensive. You need to have insurance to cover most of the costs.

Whichever clinic or hospital you end up choosing will offer good services. The differences are noted in the amount of money you end up spending, the privileges you get to have and your preference or comfort.

For more information, contact an obstetrician.

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